Node.Js Development

One of the latest & leading mobile and web application development platform, Node.js is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world. Node.js is an event driven, non-blocking, light weight I/O model, built on Google’s V8 engine. With Node.js, you can get rich, highly scalable and non-buffering application in real time. Other superlative features of Node.js are:

  • Develops real time applications for web and mobile.
  • Numerous packages and extensions.
  • Clubs with Google V8 engine to boost app performance.
  • Open source and cross platform environment.
  • Speedy and Scalable.
  • Inexpensive testing and cost effective hosting.
  • Low level APIs.

Node.js Development Services

As one of the leading Node.js development organisation, R3Coder is the one stop place for building rich, high performance and scalable web and mobile applications. From expert e-Commerce solutions & advanced Node.js programming, to social networking & collaboration application, with our abreast knowledge and advanced skill-set, we are always prepared to create apps that can rule the internet.

  • Ensure superior reliability, scalability, & stability of your business applications.
  • Get the best use of modular design.
  • We impart the feature of quick & speedy data synchronization between client and server.
  • Integration of Reactive Native framework with the Node.js platform that have I/O architecture and concurrency feature.
  • We offer support to large and multiple numbers of users.
  • Get speedy & quick development.
  • Real-time, interactive, cross-platform, responsive, and attractive native mobile apps development.
  • Migrate your existing applications built on any technology or platform to Node.js, with Node.js platform & runtime environment.
  • Smooth & hassle free migration.
  • Expert Node.js migration solution.
  • Find experts in Node.js and JavaScript to work on your project.
  • We offer assistance & consultation in complete and end-to-end development life cycle.
  • Get superior designing, customization, deployment and maintenance.
  • Speedy executions, faster data streaming, synchronization & handling.
  • Cross-platform running environment and single programming base for both front-end and back-end.
  • Find numerous packages available at NPM, Node.js for web development.
  • Easy and quick development of real-time & highly attractive web applications.