PHP Development

PHP Web Application Methodology

Our software development cycle consists of:

  • General Analysis

    Based on the general analysis, one can estimate approximate time frame requirement for the elicitation stage. All details are gathered including current source documents and their process requirements. Processes will be detailed at document level with role specific authorizations and requirements.

  • Requirements Elicitation

    Action point will be set as required. As for example people will need to be identified at your end to organize co-ordination between our development team and relevant personal in your organization.

  • Detail Analysis

    During Detail Analysis, wherever required, a complete role specific prototype and database/document design along with use case diagrams, State Transition diagrams and proposed Deployment diagrams are submitted with Report Templates, User Dashboards and alerts for validations.

  • Validation of our Analysis

    Validation of the detail analysis document is to be performed at your end leading us to the final Software Requirement Specifications (SRS). Validation is expected to be finalized before closing the requirements’ phase.

  • Software Implementation / Deployment

    Software implementation on the client’s preferred platform, scripting language and database is executed conforming to the prototype and SRS. The application is thus accurately created and setup on the staging server for validation. No java source code is available as we do not directly code the application in java. Basically, our implementation consists of components in class files for each modeled sub-system.

  • Bug Fixing and Changes

    Bug fixing and/or changes are at a minimum since QC done on the software prototype is very detailed, what you specified is what is delivered in the final product. Changes if required are managed through an iterative process and may be billed additionally depending on how complex the change is.

  • Training and Support

    Training and support takes place over the internet medium or on site if feasible.

Commercial proposal for Software Implementation/Deployment is generally quoted for after the Detail Analysis is complete from our end. Commercials for software deployment will provide options for a dedicated server or virtual shared hosting.